Growing in Christ

Leader: Tim Freimuth

'Growing in Christ' is held mid-week, on Wednesday evenings in the Fellowship Hall. 

While it is a time of growing in our relationship with Christ, it is also a time of Fellowship and the Joy of being around like-minded believers.  

Prayer is the foundation for all growth and we always take time to pray.

This is a time where we grow in Evangelism.  We learn how to share the Gospel to different age groups and people using Scripture and proven techniques.  We learn how to apply the Word to everyday situations.  We learn how to create and share our personal testimony, our story.   And we have workshops to see firsthand how to apply these principles.  

Everything we do mid-week is in one form or another Discipleship.  Why?  Because we are growing in Christ and deepening our relationship with Him. We learn how to be disciples, born-again Christians who are growing in Christ.  And we also learn things like 'Guarding our Witness'. 

We learn what Ministry is, the opportunities for ministry all around us, and we learn how to discover, then use, our Spiritual gifts and calling for Ministry.

Even though this is not a specific time of Worship like Sunday mornings, we do have times of Worship!

We go deeper than 'conventional' Bible Study as we delve into His Word.  We examine the context, the overall book, the place, not just what is being conveyed, but why.  We have book and topical studies. We learn how the Bible came about and the history behind it. Jesus taught the Word to His Disciples so we desire to do the same.

There is even more to the Growing in Christ sessions, so come on out and see!

Related to this ministry is that for new believers, we have Survival Kits, which take you on a day-by-day journey with Christ. The material is provided and we also help disciple you through this process.

Luke 9:23 says "And He was saying to them all.  If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me."