Emmaus Community

Dave and Annette Schuerman

Bethesda is blessed to be affiliated with the Emmaus Walk of South Eastern Indiana. The church will sponsor willing 'pilgrims' for this epic spiritual journey on a regular basis. If you are interested, see Dave or Annette Schuerman who lead this ministry.

Due to Covid, the Spring walk for 2021 has been cancelled.

Here are the Bethesda folks who have taken their Emmaus walks!  

Emmaus Walk Walk #
Fall, 2017  
Tim F. (Spiritual Director) 105

Fall, 2016
Terri Moses 102
Rose Croley 102
Linza Croley 101

Spring, 2016
Darly Spaulding 99
Les Moses 99

Spring, 2015
Dale Hodge 95

Fall, 2014
Paula Hodge 94

Spring, 2014
Saundra McLoney 92

Fall, 2013
Bobbie Wilson 90

Fall, 2012
Paulette Hensley 86
Ina Adkins 86

Spring, 2012
Pearl Duncan 84
Jim Duncan 83

Fall, 2011
Mary Spaulding 82
Carolyn Campbell 82

Spring, 2011
Judy Freimuth 80
Tim Freimuth 79

Prior to BCC
Greg Fightmaster  
Betty Fightmaster