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Welcome to Bethesda Community Church, a place of hope, a place of healing, and a place for You!

Where you are family and the pastors know your name.

Our vision is to be a sanctuary of hope and healing, and to be a light which leads others into eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


  • A little bit about us . . .

    If you would like to be part of a community of believers: where the Gospel Truth is preached, where the people are warm and friendly, where worship is joyful and engaging, then please consider worshiping with us. You will be most welcomed!

    We are located at 989 East Mt. Zion Road in Independence, Ky.  Take exit #178 off of I-75 and head east about 1.6 miles to the church on the right. 

    God bless you and yours today,

    Pastor Tim

  • New Sermon Series Beginning May 19th

    Oh, the wonder of the book of Exodus!  Filled with the rich history of the plight of the Jewish nation, and overflowing with God's grace and provision,  And a great parallel for us, the church, of how the Lord Jesus Christ has delivered us from sin, slavery, and oppression. So much to take in!
    Praise the Lord He has given us a new Sermon series called "The Exodus" which will begin May 19th.  As of now, the Lord has led me to 14 Messages described as follows:
    The Exodus
    Oppression Exodus chapter 1
    By God's Grace, a Deliverer Exodus chapter 2
    God's Calling, our Response Exodus chapters 3-4
    The 10 Plagues Exodus chapters 5-11
    The Passover Exodus chapter 12
    The Way Maker parts the Red Sea Exodus chapters 13-14
    Angel Food Exodus chapter 16
    Rock of Ages Exodus chapter 17:1-7
    Victory is Mine Exodus chapter 17:8-16
    10 Commandments Exodus chapters 19-23
    The Tabernacle Exodus chapters 25-31, and 35-40
    The Sin of the Golden Calf Exodus chapter 32
    Repentance and Prayer Exodus chapter 33
    The Veil Exodus chapter 34
    Looking forward to what the Lord has for us,
    Pastor Tim
  • EasyTithes

    If you are unable to be present with us in our service but you would still like to support the ministry, here is the link to make it easy for you.  https://app.easytithe.com/app/giving/bccky

    Thank you in advance for helping further God's kingdom,

    Bethesda Community Church